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Red rose distribution for Valentine’s Day

With St. Valentine's Day here, you might be expecting some chocolates, jewellery or even a single red rose. Whether you're a last-minute spender or a planned purchaser, it's easy to forget the journey your Valentine's gift has been on, especially those beautiful flowers.

During the Victorian era, individuals expressed their emotions through floriography, the language of flowers, and each flower had a different meaning. Red roses were intended to signify romance, as they were Venus' (the Roman goddess of love) favourite flower. With over 50 million roses given each year on Valentine's Day, it's important to reflect on the journey each stem makes to make it to your loved one.

Red roses are grown in Kenya, Colombia, India, Tanzania and Ecuador and then cut, packaged and shipped via air freight to the Netherlands. Once they arrive, they will be sold at wholesale markets to independent and retail florists across Europe and shipped via road haulage. At every stage of the flower's transportation, it's vital that the roses are kept cold to prevent wilting and spoiling.

At Fenwicks, we provide a Floral Logistics service with our range of temperature-controlledvehicles to ensure that the cold chain is not interrupted. We're used to dealing with perishable and pharmaceutical goods, so we understand the importance of delicate handling and transport. The vehicles in our fleet can control temperatures from ambient to -25°C, with printed temperature readouts allowing our team to monitor the temperature throughout the journey. Our trusted couriers are professional and considerate, and will treat your load with respect and care, ensuring nothing is damaged in the distribution process.

Whether you're looking to send or hoping to receive a dozen red roses, you'll definitely appreciate the journey that they've been on to get to you! If you'd like to read more about our Floral Logistics services, visit our Temperature Controlled Transport page or call us on 01302 728496 today. 

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