Eco Friendly

  • Driver telematics.
  • Low friction oil.
  • Eclipse fuel additive.
  • Low energy lights.
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We are conscious of our impact that operating a fleet of vehicles has on the environment, and to this end we are striving to make as many reductions to our carbon footprint as we can. With this in mind we have a four phase policy to reduce our carbon footprint.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

By introducing the following measures Fenwick Haulage is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and our impact on the environment.

All our vehicles have been fitted with driver telematics, which has reduced our fuel usage by 3% since its original installation.

All our outside lighting and workshop have been replaced with low energy LED floodlights. By reducing our outside lighting down from 250w to 70w per lamp and our workshop from 2720w to 1175w we have reduced our carbon footprint by 1.73t of CO2e on our lighting alone.

Our phase three will be the changing all our internal office lighting to low energy which will reduce our carbon footprint even further.

In conjunction with Millers Oils we are currently trialling Syntran EE 75w90 NANODRIVE Low Friction Technology Oil. Laboratory tests and results have confirmed a reduction in friction of 56% providing a reduction in wear of 70% compared to standard 75w90 gear oil. The sliding and rolling friction is reduced absorbing the extreme pressures produced, the quality of the gear change is improved and overall running costs are reduced through lower fuel consumption and longer component life.

Zero to Landfill

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