Refrigerated Transport

  • Dedicated single or multi drop deliveries.
  • Monitored temperature control.
  • 1 box to 26 pallets (26000 kgs).
  • UK, Northern Ireland and Europe.
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At Fenwick Haulage, we specialise in providing refrigerated transport services to many different industries, for the distribution of produce or products. Our fleet of specialist vans, trucks and lorries are all equipped with fully calibrated temperature recorders with monitored printed readouts to ensure that the load is at the correct temperature during the whole journey and upon delivery.

Expert Delivery Service

Without refrigeration, some goods may go bad and become unusable, creating unwanted wasted products and cost, which is why our refrigerated vehicles are a perfect solution to keep your food at its best throughout the transport process. Along with a refrigerated delivery service, we also provide a temperature controlled courier service, which allows you to have goods delivered that do not need to be refrigerated, yet need to be at a controlled temperature. Perfect for a range of perishable, non-perishable and pharmaceutical deliveries; and if needs be, our vehicles are equipped for overnight storage of chilled, frozen or ambient temperature goods.

BRC Storage Certification

Refrigerated Delivery Service

Our refrigerated delivery service allows companies to distribute their goods throughout the UK, Northern Ireland and parts of Europe without having to worry about the load being ruined due to temperature problems. All of our couriers are committed to making sure that your delivery gets to its destination as quickly and effectively as possible. We use modern technology to remotely monitor our vehicles and the load it is carrying, allowing our head office to locate all our vehicles at any time, ensuring the reliability of our transport services. Our specialist vehicles are also fully fitted with a state of the art Transcan temperature monitoring system, enabling each driver to manage the temperature of the goods in transport, maintaining the quality of each and every load.

Our range of delivery options include same day delivery and scheduled distribution, enabling you can choose the relevant delivery option for your business. Dispatch days, times and destinations can all be arranged to suit your needs and to make sure your goods are delivered on time and without any hassle. Contact us today through our quick form below to talk to an experienced haulage company about arranging your next delivery.

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