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Fenwicks’ Pallet Delivery Services Go From Strength To Strength

Fenwicks Haulage has been in business for more than 30 years and has built a reputation for excellence. Now we're celebrating our pallet delivery services - a courier service for brands that need stock moving fast.

Traditionally, couriers ran small items requiring urgent delivery from one location to another, often in the back of a van or on a motorcycle. But at Fenwicks, we saw that businesses operating in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and other parts of the midlands needed something that suited their logistics processes better. That's why we began our pallet delivery haulage service. The aim was to give local brands standardised goods transportation solutions they could use whenever they wanted.

We set about getting together all the equipment we'd need to make it happen. We purchased a 28-tonne trailer capable of carrying 26 standard pallets, stacked to a height of 8'11". And then we began renting space to companies who needed extra capacity.

The biggest benefit of the service is that it helps businesses slash the price of regular courier services. Our pallet couriers follow a simple, repeatable procedure, allocating space on trailers with ease. The result? A simple and affordable service.

Our pallet delivery services can accommodate pallets weighing up to an incredible 1,250 kg! We also deliver nationwide, so companies can get their pallets collected and delivered to practically any location they wish. Next-day delivery is available.

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