Temperature Controlled Transport

  • Ambient to -25⁰C.
  • Overnight storage available.
  • 1 box to 26 pallets (26000 kgs).
  • Low emission zone compliant vehicles.
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Fenwick Haulage not only provide refrigerated transport, we also offer a temperature controlled transport service. Many goods or products which need to be delivered need to be kept at a certain temperature, without controlling this the goods are at risk of being ruined and becoming unusable. The vehicles in our fleet can control temperatures from ambient to -25⁰C, all of the fleet are fitted with fully calibrated temperature recorders with printed readouts which allow our team to carefully control how hot or cold the vehicle gets during its journey.

Chilled Logistics

As a chilled logistics company, we use our vehicles to help companies distribute different types of goods to specific locations at the correct cool temperature. The goods we transport include perishable items, non-perishable items and pharmaceutical goods, all in which need carefully distributing and monitoring. We are able to deliver items of different sized loads from boxes of samples up to 16 pallets.

While also offering a transport service we also offer an overnight storage facility for chilled, frozen and ambient goods, this is to ensure that the goods are not ruined if on a long journey as our vans can only travel so far at specific temperatures. This storage makes the distribution of your goods more cost effective as they are not travelling for a long period of time.

BRC Storage Certification
Floral Logistics

Using our temperature controlled vehicles, we offer a floral logistics service. This service allows companies to distribute floral and horticultural goods throughout the UK at the correct temperature, so the load does not get damaged due to exposure to the incorrect temperatures. As well as making sure that the load is not damaged by the incorrect temperature, it also needs to be handled very carefully, all of our trusted couriers are there to make sure that the load is handled with care and nothing is damaged in the distribution process.

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