• Seven Telematics GPS Driver System
  • CCTV camera systems on all vehicles
  • Transcan temperature monitoring
  • Temperature printouts
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At Fenwick Haulage we understand the importance of making sure your goods arrive with your customer in a timely fashion.

Our Vehicles

All our vehicles are installed with Seven Telematics GPS driver systems. This allows us to monitor the position of our vehicles at all times giving our customers peace of mind in the knowledge that if there are any hold ups or delays they will be the first to know. This system also monitors the drivers behaviour and the way in which our vehicles are driven, allowing us to make sure that our vehicles are driven in a professional manner. We also operate a driver incentive scheme for the most professional driver of the month, encouraging and rewarding our workforce for their driver awareness. In addition to this all our refrigerated vehicles are fitted with a Transcan temperature monitoring system, ensuring that all our customers’ goods are carried at the correct operating temperature. We also produce temperature printouts’ from Transcan for every delivery we do.


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