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Staying Safe on the Motorways

The first Smart Motorway was successfully trailed and introduced on the M42 in 2006. Now, there are around 375 miles of Smart Motorway in England, including around 235 miles with no hard shoulder. But recently, the Transport Committee have suggested pausing the roll-out of Smart Motorways until safety can be assured.

At Fenwick Haulage, road safety is one of our top priorities, both for our drivers and other road users. Which is why we've put together some tips on staying safe when driving on motorways.

Go Left

National Highways' motorway safety advice is simple. If you or your vehicle experience any problems when driving on a motorway, go left. Put your left indicators on, safely move to the left lane, and try to exit the motorway at the next junction or service station.

If this isn't possible, but there is a hard shoulder or emergency area, enter it with your hazard lights switched on. If you're on a motorway without a hard shoulder, simply turn on your hazards and exit the motorway at the next junction or emergency area possible. If you can safely exit your vehicle, leave through the left door, and get behind a safety barrier where possible before seeking help.

Maintain Distance

Maintaining a safe distance between yourself and other vehicles is essential to maintain road safety on the motorway. Aim to leave a gap of at least two seconds between you and the vehicle ahead in normal conditions, giving you ample time to stop safely if necessary. In wet or icy conditions it is advisable to leave a larger gap.

Stay Aware

Driver awareness is incredibly important, especially for motorway driving. Be aware of speed regulations, especially on Smart Motorways, where you may be signalled to lower your speed on overhead signs.

You should also take regular breaks on long journeys to avoid fatigue. At Fenwick's, we provide regular driver training to ensure our drivers remain safe and take appropriate breaks when providing delivery services.

We hope this blog helps you to stay safe on the motorways! If you'd like to find out more about our drivers' training, read our previous blog on the importance of wellbeing training for HGV drivers. 

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