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The Importance of Wellbeing Training for HGV Drivers

Whether you're an HGV or delivery driver, operating a vehicle professionally is a safety critical role. As the UK Government are looking to improve the training HGV drivers receive, we wanted to focus on the importance of wellbeing training for HGV drivers.

Many HGV drivers work for long hours, providing same day delivery services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Getting the right amount of rest and taking breaks at appropriate intervals is vital to ensure the safety of our drivers and other road users. That's why, at Fenwick Haulage, all our drivers are given regular wellbeing training, ensuring they remain safe and alert on the road.

How to stay alert on the road

If you do drive for long hours, one of the most important things you can do is ensure you take regular breaks. After no more than four hours and 30 minutes driving, HGV drivers must take a break or several breaks totalling at least 45 minutes combined. Additionally, you must not drive more than nine hours in a day - which can be extended to 10 hours up to twice a week.

It's also important to fuel up - and not just your vehicle! Eating a good meal on your break can be incredibly important in avoiding tiredness and lapsing concentration, as can keeping hydrated. Finally, keeping your mind stimulated on your break can help improve your wellbeing. Even a five-minute phone call with a friend or family member on your break can go a long way in improving your working day.

Protecting the wellbeing of our staff

At Fenwick Haulage, we value the safety and wellbeing of each and every member of our team.

"When employing drivers, they should be the lifeblood of your operation, dedicated to their work and proud to represent your company," said David Ward, our Managing Director. "I believe that providing a wide range of expert training leads to high-quality drivers."

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Staying Safe on the Motorways
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